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8009 Gunn Highway
Tampa, FL 33626

Tel. 813 920-0566
Fax. 813 920-0549

Bed and Breakfast Staff

Becky Peyton

Kennel Manager


Becky has lived in Miami, but likes to visit the keys. She first began working at Ehrlich Animal Hospital in 2000. Her love of animals inspired her to begin working in the veterinary field. Becky’s favorite part of working at Ehrlich Animal Hospital is receiving the unconditional love the animals show her everyday. When Becky isn’t here, she loves to read and do anything that involves water, whether it’s swimming, snorkeling, or fishing. Becky has a dog named Nomad, he is a four-year-old pit bull/Labrador mix who she adopted as a puppy from one of our clients.

Becky Taylor

Kennel Technician

Becky Taylor has been working at Ehrlich Animal Hospital since 2000. Her love of animals drew her to the veterinary field. She enjoys taking care of the animals and informing the doctors on staff immediately if any of them are sick. When she isn’t at work she enjoys playing computer games and going to Disney. She has three bearded dragons. Her bearded dragons names are Twobit, Elliot, and Albert. She adopted a puggle named Baxter and also has 10 chickens.

Megan Riggs

Kennel Technician

Megan started in mid-May 2014. She was enrolled in a vet assisting course in high school and graduated in 2013. She owns a 6 year old, male, bearded dragon, a 14 year old, female, english shepard, and a 2 month old female kitten rescue. Megan has wanted to work at an animal hospital since she was in elementary school. On her days off, she watches movie marathons, goes to the dog beach or to shows and conventions with friends.

Bree Vazquez

Kennel Technician

Bree was born in Hawaii and has moved around quite a bit due to her military parents. She has been in Florida for almost 5 years. She loves animals, and always grew up with at least two dogs. She currently has two pit bull puppies named Rocky and Gino. She works two jobs and is currently going to school to become an registered nurse.