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What Our Customers Are Saying

Dear Drs. Saleh, Danielson,

Arlene and I would like to commend you and your staff for being so professional and kind to Kiwi.

The hours that were put in and the concern shown; as well as the spirit of the staff were above and beyond what one experiences in businesses today. Having been an executive for a sales division of Sun Oil and Arlene running her own business, we know what outstanding team work looks like.

So, please extend our heartfelt thanks to all concerned as we have always been treated with the utmost courtesy. And Kiwi loves you all.


Dick S.



Dear Ehrlich Animal Hospital,

My husband and I are overjoyed that our little Salem-Binks is back home with us and his cat brother, Chipper Jones. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for your wonderful care and knowledge of his illness. While we know we still have some work to do with his kidney numbers, we’re so happy to see our little boy feeling better.

To Dr. Danielson, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you for going the extra mile for little Salem-Binks. Your care and compassion really made us feel that we were doing the best treatment possible. We also worked closely with Dr. Allen who was also truly great! Big thank you to the ladies who were working while we visited each morning at 6:30am and the front desk ladies who always greeted us with a smile. Kate was awesome at instructing us how to administer the subcutaneous fluids! I’m sure there were many other people who cared for Salem-Binks and I hope you know much you mean to us.

Thank you to each and every one of you for offering to call us for updates when new doctors came in for rotations, offering us water or coffee when we visited before the sun was up, letting us visit whenever we wanted, being so patient, answering our questions, and making us feel as comfortable as possible leaving our sick baby at your facility. We understand our journey is just beginning with Salem-Binks’ now known medical condition, but Sean and I couldn’t have picked a better hospital to help us help him through it. We’ll be back soon for more test results and soon we’ll bring in Salem-Binks’ brother for a checkup. Thank you for all you do!

Sean & Meagan Phillips

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  • Shelly’s Bulldogs

In this video, you can see two similar aged English Bulldogs running and playing. One of them has had Brachycephalic surgery (Correction of Stenotic [narrowed] Nares and Elongated Soft Palate surgery). You can tell the first one is having a hard time breathing because his tongue is flipped back and he continues to do that for a prolonged period. On the other hand,the second Bulldog is panting a little but stops quickly, her tongue is not flipped back and she closes her mouth to breathe through her nose which is normal. Brachycephalic breeds who have had corrective surgery are less prone to heat stroke, they have more stamina and they will not have chronic respiratory problems as they age. As a result of the surgery, they have less anesthesia risk in the future and overall live a happier life.

Dear Dr. Saleh:

CPES-testimonialI, along with the teachers/staff listed below want to thank you for spaying “Mama” on Thursday, February 9, 2012/ Please know that your willingness to “go the extra mile” for this cat and her family has not gone unnoticed. The family is appreciative and they did not have the monetary means to have her sprayed. Considering I was told she was pregnant again, waiting for Hillsborough County to provide a voucher for a $10.00 spay would have put “Mama” at a critical point in her pregnancy and more risk I assumed. Your prompt response to Dr. Danielson’s inquiry and coordination with me put everyone involved in this case at ease and we could breathe a little easier.

Thank you, Dr. Saleh for your generosity. All teachers of this family’s children who attend Citrus Park Elementary plus the school’s registered nurse and school psychologist have pitched in to pay for extra immunizations and flea treatment. These Citrus Park elementary staff members have these children’s best interest at heart and, in addition, we all have the Lopez animals best interest at heart too! Anything extra and above the final bill will be donated to your angel Fund.


Grace Hutchinson, MSW
School Social Worker
Peggy Middleton, teacher Judy Shargaa, teacher Marci Willis, R. N.
School Nurse
Melissa Leonard
School Psychologist
Marcy White, teacher Lourdes Kelleher

Testimonial for Dr. Farid Saleh-Ehrlich Animal Hospital

This is a heartfelt testimonial for someone who is not only a phenomenal veterinarian, but a wonderful, caring individual. Dr. Farid Saleh has been our household veterinarian for about a year now. We started going to him with our dog, Ally, and we go to him for our puppy, Marcy. Dr. Saleh met Ally when we took her in to see if we could get her eye mole removed. She had it there for a long time, previous vets informed us that it was not a problem, but it had gotten large and seemed like it was bothering her. When we first took her in, the entire office was wonderful with her. She enjoyed her visit very much (just like Marcy does every time!). Prior to getting the mole removed, however, they had to take blood to make sure she was okay for surgery.

Unfortunately, the levels in her blood were off, indicating what could be serious problem. We took her in for x-rays to check to see what the problem was, and it was discovered that she had a massive tumor in her spleen that had spread to her lungs. She was given a few months. This was heartbreaking news.

During the next week or so, I contacted Dr. Saleh several times with many questions about what to expect. He was up-front with me, but also very soothing and comforting. And more importantly than that, is that he was always available. If I called and he was with another patient, he contacted me soon thereafter.

Ally was fortunate to live longer than anticipated, but as Dr. Saleh indicated would happen, her decline came rapidly, and we knew it was time. My husband took her in to put her down. He has previously experienced this emotional task, and he told me that Dr. Saleh was by far the best that he’d seen. Dr. Saleh made sure Ally was comfortable, giving her many treats (which she surprisingly ate, even though she wouldn’t eat for days prior), and when the time came, he informed my husband how it was going to happen, and she went peacefully. He told me that he was very impressed with how the entire office treated him (and Ally). Dr. Saleh really made an awful situation a bit easier to endure. While it was by no means easy, it speaks volumes to me that my husband mentioned that he noticed such a big difference with Ehrlich Animal Hospital.

The part that seemed to really amaze me was when a few days later, flowers came addressed to our family with condolences from Ehrlich Animal Hospital and a card from Dr. Saleh. He wrote a note to our family about Ally. It was handwritten and heartfelt, and I can’t even begin to express how grateful we are. This is not something we have ever experienced. It seems to be the way that Ehrlich Animal Hospital does things –always going above and beyond. The staff is always wonderful, and they don’t come any better than Dr. Saleh.

With heartfelt thanks…
Debora Thomson

My 4 year old iguana suffered burns from overhead lighting about 2 months ago. Dr Saleh and Dr Danielson both treated him with the most loving and expert care I coulsd possibly ask for. I just wanted to say that this is the most professional, affordable and friendly staff I have ever seen in any office. I’m recommending you to every exotic pet owner I know. Thank you again doctors and staff. You’ll be seeing more of Blanka the friendly Green Iguana in the months and years to come.

We can’t say enough about the care and service we received from Dr. Saleh and the staff at Ehrlich Animal Hospital. Recently, our 15 year-old cat was seen after urinating blood. Dr. Saleh was so gentle and comforting, as he worked to diagnose her condition. After an ultrasound, x-rays, and bloodwork, it was determined she needed surgery. Dr. Saleh removed several stones from her bladder. He seemed to genuinely care about the comfort and welfare of our sweet Madison. Dr. Saleh also was sympathetic to the financial hardship, the surgery caused our family. He approved us as recipients of their Angel Fund, giving us a significant reduction in costs. He was truly a Godsend for us, as we were terrified we would lose our precious cat but, also stymied by the extreme cost of the treatments. The care and compassion we received from Dr. Saleh, were beyond our expectations. Dr. Saleh called to check in on Madison numerous times, and when he was unavailable, we received the same expert and loving care from Dr. Danielson. Thank you Drs. Saleh and Danielson for helping to put our beloved cat on the road to recovery. She may be 15 years old, but she acts like a kitten, again, thanks to you!!

Bailey is a 14 year old mixed breed who has lived only having one functional back leg for most of his life. He has always gotten around very well but over the past year started experiencing some pain and difficulty walking. It started out with him not being able to climb our stairs and then developed into him having difficulty getting up from a laying position as well as having difficulty laying down in a smooth motion. He has always been a more anxious dog but with this pain, his level of anxiety also escalated. He would often bark at us continuously for no apparent reason. He began having accidents in the house too, and we were cleaning up urine multiple times a day – it may have been partially because there are stairs leading to the outside and this may have been too much effort or too painful for him. We attempted laser treatment which did help some, but he was still demonstrating many of the mentioned symptoms. We had tried many different measures including putting him on an increased dosage of anti-anxiety medicine as well as a pain reliever and sedative – this was the only way we could calm him down some. Based on having exhausted many efforts, Dr. Saleh suggested that we consider trying acupuncture as it had helped with some more difficult cases such as ours. At that point, I would have tried anything since we were contemplating other more definitive measures.
The change in Bailey’s condition over time has been remarkable. Each session we saw continued improvement and there was a notable improvement even after the first session. Dr. Allen said that with each session, he relaxed more during the treatment and became more comfortable with the therapy. He stopped having accidents in the house, has had much less pain in his hind quarters, and calmed down. We have been able to discontinue both the sedative and the pain medication. It has helped Bailey tremendously and in the days immediately after a treatment he is like another dog. I had never really considered acupuncture in the past, but at the time was desperate for any improvement – I am so glad that we decided to pursue acupuncture as it has really improved the quality or his (and our) lives.

When Dr. Allen suggested acupuncture to us, we were at the point where we were ready to try just about anything. She gave him approx. a dozen treatments over several month’s time. During that time, his stools returned to normal, his protein level went up, and he calmed down a lot. We still can’t get him to stay home alone, but it noticeably improved the other problems. In fact, Dr. Allen called me one day to say how he was a completely different dog from the time she had first started treating him.

If anybody had told me we’d be getting acupuncture for our dog, we’d have thought they were crazy, but we have become believers. It has definitely been beneficial for him!

EAH performed acupuncture on my dog following surgery to relieve her discomfort of joint and muscle deterioration. While we knew she was on borrowed time at best, the acupuncture, in combination with physical therapy / rehab exercises gave her mobility she would not otherwise have had.