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Our Veterinarians

Dr. Farid Saleh, V.M.D.


Dr. Saleh lived in the Netherlands from ages 1-5 then moved to Curacao for ages 5-17. In 1984 he received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida. He acquired his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1988. After working in private practice for four years in New Jersey, he moved to Tampa in 1991, a short time later, he joined Ehrlich animal hospital with Dr. Langbehn.

Dr. Saleh enjoys treating dogs cats, avian, and exotic pets. Dr. Saleh always had an interest in medicine, but believed that being able to treat animals from the day they were born until the end of their life and be there for them the whole way was more rewarding.

Dr. Saleh’s favorite thing about working at Ehrlich Animal Hospital is being part of a team of very dedicated and passionate people whose mission is to give animals the best possible quality of life. When Dr. Saleh isn’t working, he enjoys watersports, soccer, gardening, donating blood, and playing classical guitar. He is also certified in many things, like CPR, SCUBA, and disaster training. Dr. Saleh’s furry children include a yellow Labrador named Odessa who was rescued from a breeder. She has some nerve damage, which affects her eye. She is also a blood donor. He also has two beagles, Mia, who was abandoned at a dog park & Rooney who was tied to a tree and left in front of someone’s home. His most recent addition is Rosa. Dr. Saleh adopted Rosa from Curacao where she was born with cataracts. She had undergone surgery and has had one of her lenses replaced. She will require life-long eye medications, but she is happy, playful and was a great addition to the Saleh pack!

Dr. David Danielson, D.V.M.

Dr David Danielson - Ehrlich Animal Hospital

Dr. Danielson is one of the five veterinarians here at Ehrlich Animal Hospital. He has a background in Field Biology, and Zoology. He has been a part of the Ehrlich team since 1994. His interests are particularly in exotic animals as well as companion animals. Dr. Danielson graduated from The University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994.

He has two dogs, Alex, and Daisy, whom was heartworm positive, had many broken teeth, and needed lots of love. He also has six cats, two mice, and one fish. Dr. Danielson has spent time at the Howl Wild Life Center in Seattle, Washington, and the Pittsburg Zoo. He also spent time in Peru, where he aided in setting up a wildlife rehabilitation center that helps reestablish wild animals that were kept as pets in the wild. Dr. Danielson is currently affiliated with many rescue groups.

Dr. Danielson treats dogs, cats, avian, and exotic pets. He fosters kittens involved in the Ehrlich adoption program, and he is an avid reader, tinkerer, gardener, hiker, and most importantly a caring father.

Dr. Elizabeth Wynn, D.V.M.


Dr. Wynn was raised in Colorado. She attended the University of Colorado and graduated with a biology degree in 1991. After college, she moved to Florida to train dolphins in a marine animal park in the Florida Keys. Before attending veterinary school, she also worked at an emergency hospital here in Tampa. She also volunteered in a zoo in Colorado. Dr. Wynn received her veterinary degree from Colorado State University in 2000. Dr Wynn has been happily working at Ehrlich Animal Hospital since then.

Dr. Wynn’s pets include a dog and a cat. The dog was a stray that her new husband found at work. The cat was adopted from a client who found a litter of kittens. In her spare time, Dr. Wynn likes to boat, dive and volunteer at Big Cat Rescue. At Big Cat Rescue, Dr. Wynn provides veterinary services for lions, tigers, bobcats and other exotic cats.



Dr. Brian Gibbs, D.V.M

Dr. Brian Gibbs

Dr. Gibbs is a true gator fan. He received both his undergraduate degree in Animal Science at the University of Florida and then graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 2017. During veterinary school, he earned certificate in Shelter Medicine, which involved extensive training in pay.neuter and infectious disease management.

In the summer of 2016, he traveled to Ecuador to help animals that had been effected by the earthquake earlier in the year.

At home here in Tampa, he lives with two dogs, Penny and Ernie, and Barry the cat.




Dr. Ryan Walker, D.V.M

Dr Ryan Walker - Ehrlich Animal Hospital


Information on Dr. Ryan Walker coming soon…