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Veterinary Nursing Staff

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Katherine Rankin, BAS,CVT, CVPM

Hospital Manager


Katherine was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. She began working at Ehrlich Animal Hospital in 2004. She was drawn to the veterinary field because of her love of animals and her interest in veterinary medicine. She has a Bachelors degree in Applied Science (Veterinary Hospital Management) and is a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician).

Her favorite part of working at Ehrlich Animal Hospital is being able to help animals feel better and provide assistance in maintaining their health. When Katherine is not here, she enjoys showing and riding her horse, as well as participating in family events. Katherine has many pets, they include: Titan, a 12 year old dachshund, River Song, a 2 year old domestic short hair, Jasper, a year old Burmese, Remy, a 10-year-old Arabian gelding, and Willard, an 10-year-old domestic short hair, who was a barn cat.

Brittney Fields, CVT

Veterinary Nurse


Brittney is from Youngstown, Ohio. She studied at the University of Cincinnati where she obtained her B.S. degree in biology and A.S. degree in veterinary technology. She relocated to sunny Florida in 2014 with her sister. She misses her family back in Ohio but does not miss Ohio weather.

Brittney has loved animals since she was a young child. She does not have fur children of her own but as a member of the Ehrlich team she finds great pleasure in providing clients and their pets with the best veterinary health care and health care services.

In her spare time Brittney enjoys eating, reading, working out, shopping, binge watching shows on Netflix, and communicating with her family and friends back in Ohio.

Shelise Lientz, CVT

Surgical Veterinary Nurse


Shelise graduated from Hillsborough Community College as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2011 and has been with us at Ehrlich Animal Hospital since.

She enjoys fostering kittens and wildlife, including birds and squirrels. She has three cats, three dogs, and two rabbits. Her bloodhound is involved in Search and Rescue and is also a show dog. She enjoys reading and educating herself about animal nutrition, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

She is a big proponent of pet insurance (feel free to ask how it’s saved her pet’s lives), oral health care, and dog sports.

Brindy Minici, CVT

Veterinary Nurse

Brindy Minici

Brindy was born and raised in FL. She began working for Ehrlich Animal Hospital in January 2014. She graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at St. Petersburg College. Brindy is happily married to her husband of 13 years and they have three beautiful daughters. Brindy has had love for animals ever since she was a little girl. She has taken care of a variety of animals from baby squirrels to 3 litters of golden retriever puppies.

She currently has 3 animals of her own which include, one all white cat named Lola, a Golden Retriever named Teddy, and a ferret named Scruffy. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, and enjoying the FL beaches! Her favorite part of working at Ehrlich Animal Hospital is being able to help care for sick animals and to be a part of such a great veterinary staff:)

Jenny Armstrong

Veterinary Nurse

Jenny Armstrong

Jenny is one of the newest members of our Ehrlich family. She has always had a passion for veterinary medicine. Growing up she enjoyed caring for her pets, as well as strays in the neighborhood. Wildlife has continually been her interest and a major reason for her choice in this field. As a result, she is pursuing her degree in Veterinarian Medicine.

When she is not providing care for her patients or at school, Jenny enjoys outdoor activities, dancing, drawing, visiting museums, and having game night with family and friends. Jenny is thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team at Ehrlich Animal Hospital and is excited to see what the future holds in this fulfilling career.

Nathalie Ocampo

Veterinary Nurse

Nathalie Ocampo - Veterinary Nurse
Nathalie is one of the newest additions to the Ehrlich nursing staff. She was born to Colombian parents in New York but was raised in New Jersey. As a teen, Nathalie moved to Tampa and has lived here since.

Since childhood, she has had a passion for veterinary medicine and chose this career path when starting college. She is a current student at the University of South Florida and will be receiving a dual bachelor’s degree in Integrative Animal Biology and Public Health in 2017. After graduation, her plan is to attend veterinary school.

When not at work or school, she enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, and playing soccer. She also likes to play the guitar and piano and is fluent in Spanish and some French. Nathalie also cares for her dog Snoopy, a miniature schnauzer she’s had since she was 9.

Currently she is a member of USF’s Pre-Vet Society and volunteers with Pasco County Animal Services. Nathalie is so excited to practice what she loves while being in such a great environment that Ehrlich offers!

David Lozada, CVT

Veterinary Nurse

David Lozada- veterinary technician | Ehrlich Animal Hospital

Information about David coming soon…

Laura Largel,CVT

Veterinary Nurse

Laura Largel - Veterinary Nurse

Laura was born and raised in Tampa, FL. She graduated from the Hillsborough Community College Veterinary Technology Program as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2015.

Laura enjoys watching marvel movies, going shopping, and spending time with her pets. Laura has 2 dogs named Lilah and CC and 4 ferrets named Emma, Waffle, Pancake and Trump. She has worked at Ehrlich Animal Hospital since June 2016 and enjoys being a part of the team and making a difference at Ehrlich Animal Hospital!

Mackenzie LeBaron

Veterinary Nurse

Mackenzie Lebaron

Mackenzie “Mack” is currently attending SPC to become a Certified Vet Tech. She has applied to USF St. Pete to get her Masters Degree in Marine Biology. Ultimately Mackenzie would like to work at a zoo or an aquarium.

She received her AA degree in 2014 from PHSC. Mackenzie started working for Ehrlich Animal Hospital in March of 2017.

Her hobbies include going to the beach, roller blading, reading in a hammock, and spending time with friends and family. Mackenzie owns two cats, Cali the calico and Eevee the tortoiseshell and also owns a 5 foot long red tail boa name Daryl (after Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead).

Mackenzie was born in Clearwater Florida but was raised in the Trinity/NPR area and is apart of the US Coast Guard family!

Erika Puglisi

Veterinary Tech Assistant

Erika Puglisi - Veterinary Technician | Ehrlich Animal HospitalErika was born and raised in Tampa Florida. She recently graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Erika has a strong passion for working with animals. Her ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian.

Erika has one calico cat named Sophie that she adopted from the humane society about four years ago. She also cares for two ball pythons. During Erika’s free time she likes to go to the beach, shop, travel, or spend time with family and friends.

Erika previously worked as a Kennel tech and is now training to become a vet nurse. She is thankful for the opportunity that the staff at Ehrlich Animal Hospital has given her. She cannot wait to see what the future has in store.