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Pet Grooming

We have pet grooming available seven days a week.

Any medical services your pet may need can be provided during your pet’s stay.

Dog and Cat Grooming Information Sheet

Monday-Friday: Check-in between: 7:30am and 8:30am
Saturday: Check-in between: 8:00am and 8:30am
Sunday: Check-in at 10:00am

Our Pet Grooming Services

  • Basic Bath: Includes bath, pedicure, anal glands expressed, and ears cleaned
  • Sanitary Trim/ Partial Groom: Includes all above services, plus paw pads and privates trimmed and hair in ears plucked.
  • Full Groom: Includes all above services, plus and length taken off body, legs, and/or head. Also includes full-coated pets the necessary brushing and de-matting.

Cats: Bath (long-hair) $66.50 (short hair) $55.50 Full Groom: $86.50

Dogs Basic Bath Sanitary Full Groom
Small (under 20 lbs.) $44.50 $56.50 $63.00
Medium (21-45 lbs.) $51.50 $60.00 $73.50
Large (46-85 lbs.) $60.00 $80.50 $91.00
X-Large (86 lbs. and up) $65.50 $88.50 $119.50

Some Breed Exceptions To Weight Pricing Above:

Afghan, Akita, Bichon, Bouvier, Chow, Doodle, Great Pyrenees, Old English Sheepdog, Samoyed, Siberian Husky, and Standard Poodle


Did you know? Skin problems can be more easily treated when your pet’s hair is kept short.

If your pet requires a medicated shampoo, please inform our Grooming Staff.

See the complete list of our groomers staff

  • What’s in a Groom?

Grooming Before and After Photos