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Senior Care


Ehrlich Animal Hospital veterinarians are knowledgeable about the various potential medical conditions and available medical treatments which may be required for your senior animal care. Dogs and Cats age at a different rate than humans do, and the size of the animal is a significant factor as well.

Here at Ehrlich Animal Hospital, we want to help care for your pet through all life stages, from youth to adult, then finally into the “senior years”. The general rule of thumb is that one pet year equals seven human years, so depending on breed, weight, nutrition and lifestyle, a pet could be considered a “senior” as early as 6 years of age. At this time, your Ehrlich veterinarian will discuss special Senior Wellness Programs, focused on preventative health care, to help the later years of your pet to be just as wonderful as the first.

Our Senior wellness program consists of routine bloodwork, x-rays and possibly ultrasounds. These diagnostic tools often help us identify underlying conditions before they become physically apparent.

In addition we offer arthritis treatment options such as k-laser therapy, oral joint supplements, injectable joint supplements and oral anti-inflammatories.