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Senior Wellness

Discover a longer, healthier life for your pet!

Pet wellness | Senior petThe life cycle of your family pet is divided into several phases, much like our own stages of life. Just as we pass from infancy to adolescence to adulthood and eventually become senior citizens, our pets follow this same cycle in a much shorter, condensed period of time.

Your pet appears to be happy and playful. However, much like human diseases, the gradual onset of symptoms may often go unnoticed. Once symptoms do appear, the condition may be difficult and costly to diagnose and treat. This is why a pet wellness exam is crucial to maintaining your pet’s quality of life. Comprehensive wellness screens are the most accurate and sensitive methods of early detection. They also give us a benchmark from which to measure future test results should your pet ever become ill.

Senior pet wellness Comprehensive pet wellness screens include laboratory tests we can use to diagnose blood disorders, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, infection, cancer, thyroid disease and other hormonal problems. Doing this wellness screens allows us to prevent, control, or completely reverse many conditions if diagnosed early.

Please feel free to ask your veterinarian any questions you may have regarding our wellness exams and the many benefits they hold for your pet.

It is truly one of the simplest way to help your four-legged family member lead a longer, healthier life.