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Spaying and Neutering Dogs and Cats


At Ehrlich Animal Hospital, we recommend spaying your female pet and neutering your male pet around 6 months of age. It is very important to consider doing, and it helps your pet live a longer healthier life.

In female dogs and cats, the procedure is called a spay, in which the ovaries and the uterus are surgically removed so the pet cannot reproduce. The likelihood of the pet developing mammary cancer goes to zero percent, if the pet is spayed before the first heat cycle. The first heat cycle usually happens between 6-12 months of age. Every heat cycle the pet goes through increases its chances of developing mammary cancer. The same for another condition, pyometra literally means pus filled uterus. This can be life threatening if left untreated. The uterus can burst, emptying the pus or infection into the animal’s body, causing sepsis and eventually death. This is another good reason to spay your pet to prevent, you will never have to worry about this condition.

In male dogs and cats, the procedure is called neutering, in which the testicles of the pet are removed, and the pet cannot reproduce. There are several good reasons to neuter your pets. In dogs, an intact male has a greater urgency to roam and mark territory. Once a male pet is neutered, they are less likely to develop prostate conditions.

Whether you choose to spay or neuter your pet is only a decision you as the pet owner can make. All we can do is recommend what we feel is in the best health interest of the pet. Never hesitate to ask your Ehrlich veterinarian or technician questions you might have regarding these procedures.