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Ehrlich Animal Hospital & Arthritis Therapy Center

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation can be extremely beneficial for your pet to help extend their quality of life, mobility, and comfort.


From athletes to senior pets, veterinary physical rehabilitation can help animals with a diverse range of conditions. We can help create and implement a physical rehabilitation plan for your pet to help extend their quality of life, mobility, and comfort.

Why would my pet need physical rehabilitation?

Pet owners generally select physical rehabilitation as a treatment option after an injury or to manage chronic health conditions such as obesity or arthritis.

When should I consider physical rehabilitation for my pet?

Although most people seek out physical rehabilitation for their pet after an injury or to manage a chronic health condition, your pet doesn’t have to be suffering to seek the benefits of physical rehabilitation. If you are looking to improve or restore mobility , manage pain , treat an injury or maximize physical potential, contact us to set up an exam.

How does physical rehabilitation work?

Based on your pet’s condition, we will create a rehabilitation plan for your pet. Some activities may include treadmill work, electrode stimulation, exercise programs, massage, hydrotherapy, orthodics or assistive devices.

As rehabilitation sessions progress, we will keep careful records and make adjustments as necessary to ensure progress is being made. We can also prescribe pain medications if necessary. With advanced equipment and progressive methodology, we are committed to providing the best possible physical rehabilitation for your pet. Every test, decision, and treatment is customized to the specific needs of your pet so that they can manage their condition or recovery and live out their happy, healthy life.